Resizing Digital Images for Projection

Screen Shot

Step 1

Save the file with a different name. (Important - you can then go back to the old file if things go wrong!)



Step 2

Open the image size window. (Image, Image Size in photoshop)

Ignore document size but make sure units are in 'pixels'.

Also ensure that the 'Constrain Proportions' and 'Resample Image' boxes bottom left, are ticked,



Step 3

Change either the height to 1200 (as in the example right). Or enter the width as 1600 pixels for a 'wide' or letter box type picture.

(Notice how the file size changes - in this example from 56 mbs to just over 5.2 mb.)



Step 4

This stage puts a grey border round the picture.

Use 'select all' (control A) then edit, stroke. In the example right a 2 pixel grey border is chosen.

This separates the image from the background. Particularly important for subjects with dark surroundings.



Step 5

Next change the canvas size.

If image size is 1200 pixels high, change the width to 1600 pixels.

For wide 'landscapes' where image size is already 1600 pixels make the height 1200 pixels.


Step 6

Your picture will be resized and measure 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high



On the Faststone edit command go to 'Resize/Resample'

quick key CTRL R

Change the image Height to 1200 pixels for most images
(If changing the Height results in a width greater the 1600 leave the height unaltered and chance the width to 1600)

Go to Faststone Effects and select 'Border' to add a border to the image

Back to Faststone 'Edit' and select resize canvas. Enter 1600 as the new width.

If width is already 1600 change Height box to 1200

Quick key in Faststone is Ctrl K

Finally save the resized image.

Quick key Ctrl S