Adding AUTHOR and TITLE Information (Windows SP)
Screen Shot

Step 1

In Windows Explorer hightlighlight the filename of the picture to be titled.



Step 2

With the document name highlighted RIGHT CLICK with your mouse and choose the bottom option from the pop up menu - 'Properties'



Step 3

Next click on the Summary tab of the pop up menu..



Step 4

Enter a TITLE for the picture- (spaces are okay but avoid special characters)

Then against AUTHOR enter the name of the photographer. (First and surname probably best).

Finally click the APPLY button, bottom right.

That's all there is to it- your title and name will follow the picture file everywhere and be pre entered in competition software.



Adding AUTHOR and TITLE Information For Vista users space
On Vista you right click and select properties
then select DETAILS
It looks like you can't type anything in but by moving the mouse next to TITLE under VALUE you can then type in the name
About EXIF
EXIF is an approximate acronym for Exchangeable Image File Format. It is a generally supported standard for storing information in image files. Most digital cameras store detailed shooting information within the image. In addition, Windows Explorer allows you to set the author name and title for an image. WPC's digital image projection softwre FFP (Free Film Projection) extracts some of the EXIF information which can be displayed by right clicking an image in detailed mode and selecting properties


Vista Users see below