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New System

Members are reminded that we are using a new system for the Top of the Club (TOC) competitions this year. Instead of 8 rounds (4 print/4 digital), there will be only six (3 print/3 digital). Additionally, some of these rounds will “double up” as an individual competition for an existing trophy.
The six TOC’s and their subject matters are detailed below.

Set Subjects

(1) 25/09/17 – Worms eye view + Open (Digital)
(2) 16/10/17 – Architecture + Open (Print)
(3) 27/11/17 – UK Wildlife + Open (Digital)
(4) 15/01/18 - Landscape of Mainland GB + Open (Print)
(5) 19/02/18 – Abstract + Open (Digital)
(6) 12/03/18 – People at work + Open (Print)

More 'Open' Opportunity

So it can be seen that TOC’s 2, 3, 4 and 6 will not only contribute to the overall winner of the TOC, but the best image on the night according to the judge will win the individual trophy.
It will also be noted that there is an “Open” category alongside each set subject. We are copying the system used by another club, in the hope that new members, or those who do not submit images often, will have the opportunity to have their images assessed, without having to wait for the two “Open” competitions at each end of the season. There might be a by-product of this, in that the club maybe getting more images available for external competitions.

Number of Entries

Usually we allow up to 3 entries per person per competition.
For the TOC we will still do this – if numbers allow – but with some caveats.
For TOC’s 1 and 5
If you want to enter 3 images 2 must be of the set subject, and 1 must be “open”.
If you want to enter 2 images, there must be 1 for each section.
If you want to enter 1 image, it can be in either section.

Individual trophies

For TOC’s 2, 3, 4 and 6 where the set subject “doubles up” as an individual trophy.
If you want to enter 3 images, 2 must be of the set subject, and 1 must be “open”.
If you want to enter 2 images, as this is an individual trophy, you can either enter 2 in the set or 1 in the set and 1 in the “Open”. (But see below*)
If you want to enter 1 image, it can be in either section.
To avoid any confusion please indicate which images are for the set subject, and which are for the open. Please remember to title and size your images correctly.
Please also indicate in your submissions which order the images are in, in case we have to limit the numbers. It only happened once last year, but with this new system, it might happen more often. Even if you are entering two images, please indicate a preference. Please bear with us. We are running this as a trial, so if it doesn’t work out, we can always change back to the old system.

Best of the Best

* Members will have to make a judgement call as to the order of the images they select. It is to be noted that there will be a trophy for the “Best of the Best”. To win this trophy, a member will have had to enter every round and both set and open sections. So if you want to attempt to win this particular trophy, and you have to “lose” an image on a particular evening, you will have to lose one of the set images. However, if you want to win a particular trophy, or the individual TOC, then it might be more profitable to “lose” the open image. But then you will not be able to win the “Best of the Best”. This is all very hypothetical, in that we might not need to drop any image.


For the TOC there is a potential of 9 entries in each of the print or digital sections. We will count the best 3 scores in the set and best 3 in the open for each. So that is a potential 120 points maximum.
Best of the Best – 1 open and 1 set score from each competition round will be recorded.

Competitions Notes