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Here's my interpretation of next year's set subjects (from Ian Butterick)

Country Life:






New System

Members are reminded that we are using a new system for the Top of the Club (TOC) competitions this year. Instead of 8 rounds (4 print/4 digital), there will be only six (3 print/3 digital). Additionally, some of these rounds will “double up” as an individual competition for an existing trophy.
The six TOC’s and their subject matters are detailed below.

Number of Entries

Usually we allow up to 3 entries per person per competition.
For the TOC we will still do this – if numbers allow – but with some caveats.
For TOC’s 1 and 5
If you want to enter 3 images 2 must be of the set subject, and 1 must be “open”.
If you want to enter 2 images, there must be 1 for each section.
If you want to enter 1 image, it can be in either section.


Competitions Notes