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The 2017-2018 season is Woodley Photographic Club's 50th Anniversary year.

To celebrate this milestone members are invited to take a significant photo each week throughout the year. These pictures to depict their year in photography. We plan to ask those members, who have taken this challenge and are willing, to do a short presentation on their Project 50. We will have 2 evenings in the 2017-18 season's programme for viewing these projects.

Each week you should be taking an image which has meaning, a memory of that week. Maybe it shows a birthday celebration, a holiday memory, or perhaps a project at home. It could be something you have been working on. Whatever the images if you are willing to show your collection of 50 DPI's, then please let Mary know. Some members have already started this project, but it is not too late for you to join in if you start very soon.

We look forward to seeing your Project 50,

Project 50