Resizing Digital Images for Projection

Adobe Photoshop and Elements

Screen Shot

Step 1

Save the file with a different name. (Important - you can then go back to the old file if things go wrong!)

Step 2

Go to 'Image' on the tool bar and select 'image Size' from the drop down menu

Step 3

Check that 'Scale Size', 'Constrain Proportions' and 'Resize Image:' boxes are ticked

Step 4

If the image is Landscape format change the width dimension to 1600 pixels
(On portrait aspect images change the height figure to 1200)

Step 5

If the image height is less that 1200 pixels go back to the Image menu and select 'Canvas Size'

Step 6

If the measurement unit is set to inches or centimentres change it to 'pixels'

Step 7

Select 'Black' as the 'Canvas extension colour'

Step 8

Enter a value of 1200 pixels in the Height box

On portrait images the height is already set to 1200 pixels. Set the width to 1600 pixels

Step 9

Resave your resized image