Resizing Digital Images for Projection


Screen Shot

Step 1

Save the file with a different name. (Important - you can then go back to the old file if things go wrong!)

Step 2

Go to 'Scale Image' on the tool bar and check that the chain link between width and height is connected

Step 3

For a landscape image revise the width entry to 1600 pixels.
Then hit the 'scale' button.
(For portrait images change the height to 1200 pixels.)

Step 4

Go to Canvas Size and check the chain link between Width and Height is disconnected and 'Centre' option is selected

Step 5

Change the height entry to 1200 pixels. Then hit the resize button.

(for portrait images change the width to 1600 pixels.)

Step 6

Create a new layer with the foreground colour set to 'black'

Step 7

Go to the layer options and select 'Stack' and then 'Reverse Layer Order'

Step 8

Save the resized image