Guidelines for Set Subjects

These are suggestions only! Photographers are encouraged to use their own imagination and creativity in their images


  • The set subjects were suggested by club members and voted for by the club as a whole
  • The guidelines are suggestions only and are open to interpretation and creativity by the photographer
  • If any doubt, Google the subject for inspiration & examples or ask in club for other members’ views
  • Judge has final say on the night of the competition

2019-20 Season

  • TOC1 DPI Minimalistic (Cut off Date 12 noon Sunday 15-Sep-19)
    • A minimal number of compositional components such as shape, colour, and line
  • TOC2 Print Wildlife Anywhere (Cut off Date 12 noon Sunday 6-Oct-19)
    • Animals, birds, insects in their natural habitat
    • Not
      • Domesticated
      • In a zoo
  • TOC3 DPI Old Age (Cut off Date 12 noon Sunday 17-Nov-19)
    • Someone, or something that is old and/or shows signs of age
  • TOC4 Print Landscape mainland GB (Cut off Date 12 noon Sunday 5-Jan-20)
    • A landscape taken of the mainland of Great Britain
  • TOC5 DPI Street life (Cut off Date 12 noon Sunday 16-Feb-20)
    • People doing day-to-day and/or unusual activities in a street environment – markets, processions, social interactions, etc.
    • Most likely candid shots
  • TOC6 Print Architecture (Cut off Date 12 noon Sunday 8-Mar-20)
    • Buildings, man-made structures, or interesting photogenic parts thereof

Advanced notice

2020-21 Season
2021-22 Season
  • TOC1DPI Night

  • TOC2 Print Abstract

  • TOC3 DPI Wildlife – UK

  • TOC4 Print Portraits

  • TOC5 DPI Macro

  • TOC6 Print Urban
  • TOC1 Plant life

  • TOC2 Print Street/reportage

  • TOC3 DPI SPorts & Action

  • TOC4 Print Landscape UK

  • TOC5 DPI Sunrise/Sunset

  • TOC6 Architecture