Annual Subscription

  • There is an Annual Subscription of £30
    • Payable by bank transfer, cheque, or cash.

Weekly Admission Fee

In Person Meetings at Oakwood Centre, Woodley

  • Members £3.00 per night
  • Non-members
    • First 3 non-speaker evenings £3
      • Then £6 per evening
    • £6 for evenings with speaker
  • Ex-members
    • £4.00 for up-to three (non-speaker evening) visits in any one season
      • Then £6 per evening
      • £6 for evenings with speaker
  • Non-members (visitors) who join after three or less visits will receive a pro rata refund towards their first year’s subscription
    • Please ask at the meeting for further details
  • The in person admission fee includes entrance to the meeting , refreshments, and (except on free club nights) a free raffle

Zoom Meetings

Competition Entry

Only signed up club members can enter club competitions

See Club Competitions page for more details

Equipment Hire

  • Club members can hire equipment from the club
  • Items (subject to availability):
    • Lighting
    • Portable hide
    • Slide/negative scanner

Full equipment list and availability can be checked on Monday evenings at club meetings