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  1. Enjoying the water images, especially Mary’s Sunset Beach, lovely colours of oranges and blues.

  2. I like Ian’s “Down the Plughole” but Kelly’s is amazing – to capture the rider doing a somersalt is superb…

  3. Thanks June; and I think you’ve captured the texture of the coffee beans really well.

7 comments on “Friendly Challenge Food”

  1. Julie WRIGHT says:

    A great variety of food images. My favourite picture is Brian’s beautifully lit marmalade, but what I would like for lunch is Mary’s salad followed by June’s chocolate cake. 🙂

  2. Nagui Atallah says:

    Challenge 14 food: Ummmm some posh meals!!yum yum. I like other ideas of single items too.. I like your Mediterranean salad Mary, very appetising. I am learning!

  3. Brian O'Callaghan says:

    June’s cake looks great and I really like the simplicity of Susi’s coriander.

  4. junehanson says:

    Lovely images, some look like they took a while to set up & arrange. Food styling is a major activity in the industry, or in photography I suppose we know as still life. Julie’s & Mary’s images have a lot of elements, liking the detailed styling. For their lighting I like Susi’s Coriander and Brian’s Marmalade. Also I liked the David’s Harvest image for the bright colours and many elements. I spent a while styling my chocolate cake, tried various angles (dining angle was best vs overhead) with pieces and crumbs arranged differently, & a piece missing. In the end the warm colouring & Instagram style square crop brought out the moist chocolate cake piece best.

  5. June Hanson says:

    Thanks Mary. Every time I look at that cake I feel like eating it too!

  6. Mary Nash says:

    Mmmmm some yummy things to eat there – with the possible exception of the moth! I love Julie’s image of the avocado toast – love the depth of field – the supporting items as important as the main dish. June’s chocolate cake looks very inviting – and I don’t eat Chocolate cake! Janet’s Sunday lunch looks very posh – think I’ll go to her house this weekend for dinner….some great shots, I love the lighting on Brian’s marmalade. Well done everyone, looking forward to seeing your Rainbows.

    1. Janet Jackson says:

      Eating out at the French Horn, my cookings not up to that standard. Your salad looks just as tasty.

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