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  1. Enjoying the water images, especially Mary’s Sunset Beach, lovely colours of oranges and blues.

  2. I like Ian’s “Down the Plughole” but Kelly’s is amazing – to capture the rider doing a somersalt is superb…

  3. Thanks June; and I think you’ve captured the texture of the coffee beans really well.

6 comments on “Friendly Challenge Angles”

  1. June Hanson says:

    Great angle images, “A for Angle” by Nagui, (love the pegs!) and Glass with Straw by Mike, good strong lighting in both make the images stand out for me.

  2. Julie WRIGHT says:

    Some great interpretations and finds here – a good exercise in thinking outside the box. I’m not going to try and pick favourites but well done everyone who contributed. And now for the difficult one – self portraits! :-/

  3. Anne Massey says:

    Well done to all the contributors of the Angle challenge. Loved the simplicity of the clothes pegs and the Alchemilla in particular, but so many good ideas. Look forward to seeing all your new hairstyles in the selfie-challenge.

  4. Mike Evans says:

    More great images from a more difficult subject this time. My top 3 are Bob’s, Nagui’s and Ian’s

  5. Mary Nash says:

    Well done everyone – another cracking set of images, this time on the theme “Angles” – some very creative images. I love Ian’s simple sundial, Nagui’s peg “A”, Brian’s and Mike’s well seen shadow effects, and Bob’s angles in nature. Arthur’s colour image is very interesting – no idea what it is…light refracting in a paperweight maybe? The structures were all interesting angles – and the low angle of the shot by Sharon is great. Well done again – I look forward to seeing your Self portraits.

  6. Ian B says:

    Another fine collection of images, think my favourite ones are Bob’s Alchemilla for the detail in the texture, and Nagui’s for the
    simplicity and cleanness of the image. Well done everyone!

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