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This is a friendly forum for members to upload their images (via PhotoEntry) for peer review and constructive and courteous feedback by members

Posted images for peer review and comment only
Images will be eligible for entry into one future Top of Club and one Annual club competition


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Please add your constructive and courteous feedback on the images in comments below:

  1. Enjoying the water images, especially Mary’s Sunset Beach, lovely colours of oranges and blues.

  2. I like Ian’s “Down the Plughole” but Kelly’s is amazing – to capture the rider doing a somersalt is superb…

  3. Thanks June; and I think you’ve captured the texture of the coffee beans really well.

2 comments on “Friendly Challenge Details”

  1. June Hanson says:

    My favourites, Mary’s flower for subtle colour the relaxed feel and Julie’s for the bright colours and clarity.

  2. Brenda says:

    Tony’s blowing in the wind blew my mind!
    That was a sexy pink Caddi Susi but this image looks a bit rude!!
    All great shots.

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