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  1. Enjoying the water images, especially Mary’s Sunset Beach, lovely colours of oranges and blues.

  2. I like Ian’s “Down the Plughole” but Kelly’s is amazing – to capture the rider doing a somersalt is superb…

  3. Thanks June; and I think you’ve captured the texture of the coffee beans really well.

8 comments on “Friendly Challenge Reflections”

  1. Julie WRIGHT says:

    I’m enjoying seeing the wide range of interpretations for each theme. The upside down reflections work well – I must try this some time. Well done everyone.

  2. Mike Evans says:

    More great images. My favourite is Nagui’s. I love the colours.

  3. Sharon Hewitt says:

    Some lovely images. Sorry, I failed on this topic because I didn’t realise it was only a week. Must try harder!

  4. Nigel Hoult says:

    Another great set of images. I think my favourite is Geoff’s, which reminds me of Saturn and its rings and looks as if it is floating in the air. I’m also very impressed with Nagui’s multiple reflections, not least because I spent ages trying (and failing) to capture something similar. I look forward to learning how it was done when we start meeting again.

  5. Brenda says:

    Loved Nagui’s image, also Bob’s and Mike’s. Many others were great too. Enjoyed them all – thanks, folks.

  6. Anne Massey says:

    Well done everyone. I seem to run out of time again, so very rushed. My fav this week is Bob’s Poppy, but lots of others I like too. Not sure David Child’s was taken during lockdown, but never mind, nice image.

  7. Mary Nash says:

    Great set of images – reflections in all sorts of places… and lots more people sending in images – well done everyone. My favourites this week are Nigel’s very creative reflection of his beer. Lovely colour balance too and a nice clean image. Did you try one with yourself in it with another beer in a glass toasting? Might be a fun self portrait. Also the beautiful pastels of the blue hour beach scene from June. Other images well seen – great abstract from Mike,love the repeating reflections from Nagui,and I wish I were in David’s mountains!! Look forward to seeing your Still life images next week.

  8. Ian B says:

    4 other people managed to capture images I tried, but I didn’t like my results: Nagui, Mike, Nigel, and Mary, your shots are so much better than my similar attempts, which I didn’t submit! ;o) Well done!

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