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  1. Enjoying the water images, especially Mary’s Sunset Beach, lovely colours of oranges and blues.

  2. I like Ian’s “Down the Plughole” but Kelly’s is amazing – to capture the rider doing a somersalt is superb…

  3. Thanks June; and I think you’ve captured the texture of the coffee beans really well.

5 comments on “Friendly Challenge Still Life”

  1. June Hanson says:

    Lovely to see the variations on a theme. Favourites are the ones which make me look again, Tony’s Isolation Essentials, reminds me of the Vanitas style of still life and David’s Draughting Tools, liking how that centre pen stays upright! Plus there is also a great drawing of camera. It looks like a lot of time went into both gathering and composing objects.
    Thanks for kind comments about my pasta, took a while to process this image, I chose giant pasta as my camera sensor can work so well with this kind of texture detail, with good lighting and processing. Also I found my favourite black Wedgwood bowl had specks all over it which needed a big clean up in CS6. I then warmed up the pasta colours in Picasa, which amazingly does a lovely job (free s/w) which I just cannot get the same result in Photoshop and I have tried a lot!

  2. Mary Nash says:

    Well done everyone – another great set of images. I love the variety which you all bring. Lovely lighting on June’s Pasta and I like the treatment Janet gave to her Fir cone. Mike’s guitar also has interesting lighting, and Tony’s “essentials” made me smile. Looking forward to seeing what you all produce next week for Macro.

  3. Julie WRIGHT says:

    Lots of great still life images! Sorry I missed it again – Monday came around too quickly – but I would probably have submitted a photo of my Riverford veg box which was not as attractively laid out as Brian’s! Susi’s lunch looked very tasty too and June’s pasta was very stylish. Many other great photos too, well done everyone.

  4. David Huber says:

    Good select all. From the funny to the alcoholic, with everything in between. I have to say, June’s is the most professional looking.

  5. Brenda says:

    Lovely range of images. All are great, but I particularly like June’s and Mike’s for the different subjects. Well done everyone!

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