Weekly Challenge 20: Unusual

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  1. I like Mary’s steam train and Mike’s shopping centre – just having one person visible makes the shot for me.

  2. Like Ian’s Reading Station and Nigel’s Desert road, what a sense of the open road from down on the ground.…

  3. Keep coming back to Brenda’s stained glass, like the pattern on the wall. Also enjoy Mary’s Cocktail trios, look delicious,…

  4. Thanks for kind comments on my Crystal Triptych. I created this out of many layers in Photoshop, trying diptyches and…

  5. My favourites, Mary’s flower for subtle colour the relaxed feel and Julie’s for the bright colours and clarity.

2 comments on “Weekly Challenge 20: Unusual”

  1. june hanson says:

    David Huber’s I am Groot made me smile, looks very comical and liked Mary’s green Elf Door, nestled in the tree trunk.

  2. Mary Nash says:

    Wow, a great set of images – so varied. My favourites this week are David’s “I am Groot” and Nagui’s shot of all the cygnets bottoms in the air at the same time – which made me laugh!! I love the colours of Brenda’s Flamingo and Julie’s Kingfisher – Tony did well to capture the tanker on the rocks in a very dark image – very grainy – but that adds to it. Did you get any more shots of it the next morning Tony, or had they managed to float it off the rocks? Looks like an image with a story to tell….

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