Challenge 13: Water

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  1. Bob’s, Tony’s and Susi’s all get my vote, can’t split them. But well done to everyone for doing this, I…

  2. Well done to everyone who captured real rainbows, and also for the creative alternatives. Top marks to Ian’s entry, what…

  3. Another great set of photos. I like David’s and Tony’s for the great locations, and Ian’s flowers for their originality.…

  4. Ians image really stands out, a clever idea. I also like Brendas and Davids rainbow.

  5. Thanks Sharon, June, and Mary! 😀 It didn’t take that long, finding the right colour plants and then selecting the…

5 comments on “Challenge 13: Water”

  1. Mary Nash says:

    Well done everyone – some interesting images – David’s encased in ice…. I wonder what it is? I thought it was brussel sprout at first, not so sure now. Some lovely moving water, and creative shots, like Ian’s pouring into the glass. All sorts – love the variety which people come up with – great for inspiration. Looking forward to your food shots next week.

    1. David Huber says:

      Mary, thanks. The subject encased in ice is seeds from a pine tree. I was hoping to have them fully set within the ice, but I did not leave them in the freezer long enough. As the ice melted, it created a shell around the seeds. The lighting was difficult. The seeds look better now they have opened out.

  2. June Hanson says:

    Great water features shown at different shutter speeds, Brian’s Hambleden Weir, David Childs Water Cascade and Brenda’s Hambleden lock. Also like David Huber’s Encased in Ice too, looks crisp and cool on a hot summery day. Had a few candidates for water which I posted on Flickr; I chose this one as it had the most views and I loved the sunset colours.

    1. David Huber says:

      Agreed, some good pictures. Your waves at sunset pic has a nice relaxed feel to it.

      1. junehanson says:

        Thanks David, I have joined an abstract group of Flickr to do more of this!

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