Annual Audio Visual Competition


  • Thorne Trophy
    • (Digital Projected Images)

General Description

  • This competition is open to all club members who compete in a single section
  • It is based on the musicale:
    • The combination of pictures and sound
  • The competition is held once annually and is for digitally projected images only, which must be accompanied by a suitable sound track
  • The winner will receive the Thorne Trophy which will be held for one season


  1. All entrants will arrange for the presentation of their sequence him / her self using their own or the clubs equipment
  2. Each member will be allowed a maximum of three entries. subject to total numbers, see rule 4
  3. At the time of entry the title and duration must be declared
  4. Should the total number of entries exceed the total time allocated those entrants with more than one entry will be required to withdraw entries on a pro-rata basis
  5. The overall performance should last no more than approximately six minutes
  6. Entries can only be submitted once to this competition
  7. The judging of the competition will be carried out by a judge selected by the committee