Best of Both

The “Best of Both” (BOB) trophies were new to the club for its 50th Anniversary. They are awarded to the people who have consistently proved their excellence as photographers over the whole year in both the Print and DPI Top of the Club competitions.

There are two awards – one for the Standard and one for the Advanced class members

The winner of each class is the member with the highest total over all 6 rounds (maximum possible score over the 6 rounds is 240)

The score for each round is the highest set subject score* added to the open subject score

  • Maximum score possible for each round is 40
    • 20 for set subject + 20 for open subject

To be in the running, one must enter all TOC rounds with a minimum of 1 set and 1 open subject. If a round is missed then the score for that round will be zero, and the chance of winning will be greatly reduced

*In most rounds of TOC there will be a chance to enter up to 2 set subject images and 1 open image.  In the event of too many images having been entered for that competition, it may only be possible for each person to enter 1 set and 1 open subject image