Landscape of Mainland GB


  • Hawkes Trophy (Prints)

General Description

  • This competition is open to all club members and is held annually or biannually and is for colour prints
  • This competition has the subject of the Landscape and Coastline of Mainland Great Britain :
    • Embodies England, Wales and Scotland but NOT any adjacent islands however large, or small
  • Entries to be titled – the location must be specified within the title
  • Landscape and Coastline is defined as “A photograph depicting predominantly natural scenery
  • The winner of the competition will be awarded the Hawkes Trophy, which will be held for one season


  • This is a single category competition (no Advanced or Standard classes)
  • Each print must be mounted on stiff card or board, which can be any size and shape but, must be no larger than 500mm x 400mm, and 4mm thick, including the mount
  • A completed club competition label must be adhered to the reverse of each print, see Print Image Preparation page for details
  • Each member may submit up to TWO entries
  • No print may be entered in this competition more than once
  • Entries may be home or trade processed
  • Entry is via submission to the PhotoEntry website
  • Images must be submitted as a 1600×1200 JPG file, in sRGB IEC61966-2.1 format
  • All entries must be uploaded by 12noon on the Sunday 8 days before the competition date
  • Each image must have a title entered when uploading
    • Titles can be up to 50 characters in length
  • Judging of this competition will be carried out by a judge selected by the committee, who will award marks out of 20 and pick the overall winner