Top of Club Print Competition


  • Advanced TOC Print Shield
  • Standard TOC Boots Cup

General Description

  • These running print competitions are open to all members and are divided into two ability sections:
    • Advanced and Standard.
  • TOC is an abbreviation for ‘Top of Club’ and the competition is designed to recognise consistent high standard of work and the ability to meet the requirements of set subjects
  • The Advanced Section is for any club member who wishes to enter regardless of experience or level of ability
  • The Standard Section is restricted to members who are new to photography and/or showing pictures in club competitions
    • Members who are uncertain should submit examples of their work to the committee who will advise
    • Those wishing to compete in the standard class must notify the competition secretary at the time of their PhotoEntry account creation
    • Members may request to be moved between sections at the start of each club season, before the deadline for first competition, subject to the committee’s approval

Marking and judging

  • A judge will examine entries and will award marks out of twenty
  • The Competition will be based on aggregate scores over the period of the Club programme over all three print rounds
  • Participants’ best seven scores will be counted and other scores discarded
    • In the event of rounds having restricted entries* the number of scores counted will be adjusted to be so that the percentage is kept around the 75% of images entered
  • The competitor in each class with the highest points score will be judged the winner
  • If the points score is equal, the photographer with the most ‘maximums’ will be the winner
    • The winner of the Advanced section will be awarded the Advanced TOC Print Shield, which will be held for one season
    • The Standard section winner will be awarded the Boots Cup for a period of one season


  • Prints may not be entered for more than one individual TOC Competition
  • A maximum of 3 images* across the set subject and open subject (up to a maximum of 2 per subject) may be entered for each round of the competition
  • All prints must be the sole work of the entrant but may be home or trade processed
  • Each member must declare at the start of the Competition which section they wish to enter and this will hold for the entire season
  • Each print be any size and shape but, including their mounts, must be mounted on stiff card or board no larger than 500mm x 400mm, and 4mm thick , including the mount
  • Please refer to Printed Image Preparation page for further details on entering print competitions.

*In most rounds there will be a chance to enter up to 3 images.  In the event of too many images having been entered for that competition, it may only be possible for each person to enter 1 image in each subject