Friendly Challenge

The friendly challenge started out as a way for members to share their images during the Covid 19 lockdown in 2019, but has been continued at the request of club members. It is a friendly forum to allow your club peers to give constructive, and courteous feedback on your images.

Posted images are for peer review and comment only
Images are eligible for entry into one Top of Club and one Annual club competition

See the Gallery for the challenge images

5 comments on “Friendly Challenge”

  1. Mary Nash says:

    It’s been a few weeks since I commented on the images in th weekely challenge – Thanks to Ian for keeping this going for us. Some great images of trees this week. I love Ian’s pattern image and Susi’s winter Willow scene – and June’s image is great – another symmetry one. well done and keep doing the images – I love to see them all.

    1. Inga McBrien says:

      What a great variety of trees. I love June’s and the path leading through the trees of Tony’s image

  2. June Hanson says:

    Thanks Sharon. Originally I shot this with studio lights setup for my food portfolio for City and Guilds Level 3 course (equivalent to A level photography), the theme of “Baked”. The original RAW file looked neutral, very flat, so it was rejected, it didn’t make it into my final 10. Then in lockdown I worked on the processing for several hours, after which it looked completely different, and much more appetising. I remember it was still all eaten afterwards at the time though!

  3. Sharon Hewitt says:

    I know some photographers earn a living from food photos, for advertising etc. There are two in this collection that do it for me. Mary’s photo has a lovely colour scheme, and June’s looks really delicious.

    1. Mary Nash says:

      Thanks Sharon, We had guests for lunch and it is a favourite side dish which I serve with BBQ.

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