PDI Preparation

Image Sizing

  • PAGB Inter-club Projected Digital Image Championship Rules state:
    • Image files must be in RGB mode (even for monochrome images) and in the sRGB colour space
    • Files must be saved in JPEG format (.jpg)
    • Image file size must be 2MB or smaller
  • Please complete the IPTC fields Title and Author fields in file properties with Image title and your name:
    • Windows Explorer (Windows 7 & earlier versions), File Explorer (Windows 10):
      • Right click on file, then left click ‘Properties’ in pop up menu
      • Left click on ‘Details’ tab
      • Type in your image title and name in the ‘Title’ and ‘Author’ areas:
    • Lightroom:
      • Scroll down to the ‘Metadata’ link in the right hand menu
      • Click on ‘IPTC’ in the option box by ‘Metadata’
      • Add author information in ‘Creator’ box
      • Scroll down to status area and type in the image title in ‘Title’ box
  • Some cameras provide settings to add the author and copyright information in camera
    • Once set, all photos will have the author and copyright info added to the photo IPTC data
    • Different cameras have different setup menu items for such settings, here are the settings on various manufacturers:
      • Canon
      • Nikon
      • Sony

If you experience problems with resizing or updating file properties please ask another club member, or contact the Internal Competition Secretary