Club Competitions

To enter our club competitions you must be a signed up club member and have a PhotoEntry account in order to submit your entries

If you do not have a PhotoEntry account please contact the Internal Competition Secretary

All entries must be received by 11:59PM on the Saturday 9 days before the competition – see the club’s event calendar for competition dates

All images must be the sole work of the entrant

Entries received after this date cannot be included in that competition. The running order will be sent on the Monday prior to the competition

  • The club runs league style competitions:
    • Top of Club Projected Digital Images (TOC PDI )
    • Top of Club Printed Images (TOC Prints)
    • Best of the Best (BOB – Combines TOC PDI & TOC Prints)
  • And one off annual competitions:
    • Annual Audio Visual (AV)
    • Annual Print Panel
    • Annual PDI
    • Annual Prints

All competitions are judged by qualified external judges

PDI, AV, and Panel competitions have a single category

Whereas, Printed Image competitions are divided into Standard and Advanced

Top of the Club (TOC) & Best of Both (BOB) League Style

  • At each round there is a “set subject” and an “open category” of competition
  • Members can submit up to three images in total for each round.
    • This could be one in the “open category”, and two in the set “subject” category -OR- two in the “open category” and one in the “set subject” section
    • You can choose to enter just two pictures, one in each category
    • You can also choose to enter just one image (either one “set subject ” or one “open category”) but this will reduce your chances of winning any of the cumulative league competitions (TOC PDI, TOC Prints, and BOB)
  • The best score from the “set subject” and the best score from the “open category” at each round are used to determine the score for that round
  • TOC PDI will be the combined scores from all of the PDI rounds
    • TOC1, TOC3, & TOC5
    • All members compete in a single class for PDI
  • TOC Prints will be the combined scores from all of the Print rounds
    • TOC2, TOC4, & TOC6
    • There are 2 classes in Prints: Standard, & Advanced
  • Best of Both will be the combined scores from all PDI & Print rounds
    • TOC1, TOC2, TOC3, TOC4, TOC5, & TOC6
    • There are 2 classes in Best of Both: Standard, & Advanced
      • Best of Both Standard = Combined TOC PDI score + Combined TOC Prints Standard class score
      • Best of Both Advanced = Combined TOC PDI Score + Combined TOC Prints Advanced class score

Trophies & Rules